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    Well....I had these two precious gems for the day and decided we could do some cooking. I decided to add to the day with some cute little aprons.  Right at the last minute of course.  Here is what I did!  They are quick and easy to do.  This apron will fit 18 months to 5 years.  TAKES 20 mins

      It takes a fat quarter or I used 40cm x 110cm wide for the two.      I'll show how to do one with a fat quarter. you will alos needabout 1m of tape for straps.

    Take a fat quarter and cut 10cm off the shortest width and cut in half lengthways. 

    Take one of the halves fold with right sides together.  Stitch down both sides.  this makes the bib of the apron.

                      Turn right side out. Press.

    On the other half hem along the bottom and both sides.  Pin the bid to the apron.  I folded both in half and put a light press mark on the fold to find the centres of both and lined them up quickly and accurately. 


    Take some tape for straps about 70cm.  Sew tape along the top edge of the apron incorporating the bib section. Tape, should be on top then the bib section, then apron.  This will ensure you can press the tape down to cover the raw edges and stich down.

    Lastly take the last piece of tape and attach to the top of the bib. by stitching each end near the corners. with a cross within the square . 

    ..  HERES A TIP for tying your apron on.  If the neck strap is too large hook one of the side straps through it and tie.  it makes the apron fit snuggly for everyone and if more comfortable then a tie at the back of little necks.


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