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  • wool poncho project

    Needed something to keep me warm during a cold snap and football finals.  Finals in Bathurst NSW is going to be Cold!!!!

    So look what I did on the Saturday morning before I left. 


    The fabric was 1.50m wide so I got 1.5m in length to make a square.

    Fold in quaters and in the folded corner cut a curve. When you unfold you will have circle for the neck hole,  BUT BE VERY CAREFUL IT IS SO EASY TO CUT THE HOLE TOO BIG!!!  So start really small.

    I used bias binding to finish the edge.   Lie bias binding with right sides together with the poncho.  Stitch in the folded line.  Fold over to the wrong side.  Press for a sharp edge.  stitch down.

    Then I used the circle that was cut out from the neckline to make the tab and add a nice finish to the poncho.  Cut a 10 x 10cm square (or as close as possible).  fold the raw edges a 1/4" down form the top and bottom.  Press. 

    Fold the two outside edges to the centre of the square. Press  Then fold the square in half hiding all the raw edges.  Stitch all the way around the tab

    Secure tab to the poncho with 2 trendy buttons.



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